Vicar and Vicaress

Vicar, Sir Iohannis Mac Suibhne 

The Vicaress, HL Meadb O'Connell 

“Vert, on a pale dovetailed argent a bear rampant sable.”

“Azure, in pall three coneys courant conjoined at the ears argent and a chief rayonny Or.”

Persona: He is a Gallowglass from Scotland, who came over to fight in Ireland, against the English. She was hired by her dad to defend the land and we met and fell in love.

SCA Interests: We both dabble in different aspects. He loves to fight, and wants to get into rapier. He also likes to leatherwork and woodwork. She loves costuming and sewing and learning new things.

Mundane Interests: We really don’t have any. Our interests align so perfectly with the SCA, that it is our release from mundane life.

Clothing: We both mainly wear 14th century Cotehardies and coordinating accessories. While our personal colors are black and dark green (Iohannis) and black and dark red (Meadb), we definitely plan on wanting to represent our Barony.

Food Preference: He rarely drinks, and will not eat any seafood or fish. Loves chicken nuggets and has the taste palette of a 3 year old. Pepsi, water, grape gatorade, and unsweetened iced tea are his go to beverages. She likes sweet wines and meads, flavored sparkling water and caffeine are her beverages of choice. She has a much more refined palette and is adventurous with food choices. Neither are allergic to any food or ingredient.

Other: We both are very approachable. Please come up and talk or message us. The biggest thing we want to do during our reign is to represent the Barony and it’s populace. We want to know people to do that. We will be attending events and practices throughout the Kingdom and are very excited to meet and see people as we do so.

Chamberlain: Mistress Ilene Johnnestoune