The Arts and Sciences (Art/Sci) Office is responsible for supporting study into art forms, technologies, and those aspects of culture relating to their use, both in period and in Society activities. This includes a responsibility to sponsor classes, symposia and other education opportunities. They are also responsible for organizing, promoting, and administering the annual baronial arts & sciences fair.

Current Art/Sci Officer: Lynn of Darkwater

Mundane Name: Lynn Kitzman



The chatelaine office is responsible for overseeing the instruction of newcomers in the structure, protocol and courtesies of the Society, by holding newcomers’ classes at meetings and events. They are also responsible for assisting newcomers by serving as a resource of general information about conduct and activities at events and making loaner garb and feast gear available to them. The chatelaine office is also in charge of recruitment and retention for their individual branch. 

Current Chatelaine: Lady Enid Hunter 



The Chronicler observes and records the activities and meetings of the barony, creates and publishes the Revelry on a quarterly basis, and oversees the Historian/Librarian office. This office is also responsible for sharing information through various electronic media, such as Facebook, email, and works closely with the Webminister to keep everything as up to date as possible. The minutes of the meetings must be sent to the Kingdom Chronicler, baronial officers, and published for the populace monthly by email and Facebook.

Current Chronicler: Rosalinde

Mundane Name: Paige Wildstein


Librarian (Deputy)

The Librarian is responsible for holding and maintaining all resource materials belonging to the group, and facilitating group members being able to view and/or check those items out.  In Darkwater the Librarian office is combined with the Historian, making them also responsible for any historical materials belonging to the group.  The Librarian is a deputy to the Chronicler. 

This position is currently open. Please email send an email if you are interested.


The office of the exchequer is responsible for maintaining the financial records of the branch, supervising the finances of the branch, and assembling reports and submitting them to the Kingdom Exchequer or designated deputy in a timely fashion. 

Current Exchequer: Mistress Catherine Abernethy

Mundane Name: Cathy Ferrar


Quartermaster (Deputy)

The Office of the Quartermaster is responsible for the majority of the physical belongings of the branch. The extent of their responsibilities will depend on the individual branch. They maintain custody and disbursement of all items owned by the branch, such as kitchen gear, pavilions, list erics, banners, and so on. They are responsible for maintaining an inventory of all items owned by the group, and working with the branch exchequer to make sure the inventory is included in the financial reports. They are responsible for coordinating a trailer being delivered to events requiring it. The Quartermaster is a deputy to the Exchequer. 

Current Quartermaster: Baron Gavine Armestrang 



The Office of the Herald is responsible for supervising field heraldry and court heraldry at events as well as heraldic activities within the branch. This also includes the timely processing of submissions for names and armory. Trimaris law is a little more detailed, and tells us that the office of the herald is responsible for overseeing heraldic education, device submissions, the Order of Precedence, commenting, and all other heraldically-related matters.

Current Herald: Lord Kýlan Hundr 


Deputy Herald: Baron Cormacc Mac Gilla Brigde


The Office of the Marshal is responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities, including but not limited to tournaments, rapier combat, archery, and thrown weapons. The Marshal bears primary responsibility for promoting both the safety and the authenticity of the martial arts in the branch, but works with other officers in their areas of mutual interest. 

Current Marshall: Sir Jean Paul

Mundane Name: Carlos Diaz



The Seneschal is the chief administrative officer for the branch.  Their duties include coordinating the other branch officers, to make sure the group runs smoothly. They are also the legal representative of the branch. They are the ones who sign contracts with event sites, deal with law enforcement if there is a legal issue, and are responsible for enforcing both kingdom law and Corpora. 

Current Seneschal: Mistress Alysoun Jeuneterre

Mundane Name: Vicky Eisenstadt


Deputy Seneschal

The Deputy Seneschal is the right hand of the Seneschal and will step in when needed to fulfill the duties of the office. 

Current Deputy Seneschal: This position is currently open. If you would like to apply, please email


The Constable oversees the security of event sites, including gate security. They are in charge of and keep track of the radios used at events. They also collect, inventory, store/disburse, unclaimed items lost or found at events.  The Constable is a deputy to the seneschal. 

Current Constable: HL Ephrem Orbeli



The Webminister is responsible for overseeing kingdom and local branch websites, as well as serving as a source of web publishing expertise and advice. While this description sounds straight-forward, there is a lot of detail that goes into this position. The Webminister oversee the group’s web presence, in all its many forms. 

Current Webminister: Lord Sean Burton