Baron and Baroness of Darkwater

“Vert, on a pale dovetailed argent a bear rampant sable.”

HL Toki Inn Eldri Bassi

Joseph Karels

SCA Interests: Archery, Wood Working, Chainmail, Brewing, Games, and Thrown Weapons

Food Preference: Everything! Hot, and especially spicy foods. Loves hot sauce, and will rise to a hot sauce challenge.

Favorite Animals or Items: Bears, Archery.

Favorite Color: Dark Green

Dislikes: Anchovies

“Azure, in pall three coneys courant conjoined at the ears argent and a chief rayonny Or.”

Lady Thyri Bersi

Melissa Karrels

SCA Interests: Glass Work, Archery, Games, Teaching, Sewing Garb, Hand sewing, and everything!

Food Preference: Celiac and maintains a strict Gluten-Free diet – No wheat, Barely, Malt, or Rye. No foods produced in a facility that uses wheat. Allergic to Corn.

Favorite Animals or Items: Loves Hares, Bunnies, and beads.

Favorite Color: Orange

Dislikes: Heavy perfume scents (migraine trigger)

Persona Time Period: 14th century Denmark

Drink Preferences: Water, Coffee, Unsweetened Tea, Whiskey, Gin


Lady Leane Meyrick (mka LeAnn Reztlaff) — 785-224-8440 (Text)

Lady Usula Blackpoole (mka Carmen Heffelfinger) – 260-385-2353 (Text Only)