The Baron & Baroness of Darkwater

Our Baron
Our Baroness
James Highgate
Milesenda de Bourges
Jake Tessler
Lana Tessler

Sable, a chevron Or, and in sinister chief, a tower Argent.

Or a Phoenix, on a chief purpure a quill pen bend sinister, or

Lady Adelina de Bretigny
mka Britney Hofmann


James: 16th Century English sailor - inspired by Sir Francis Drake and the Sea Dogs during Queen Elizabeth's reign, my overall idea with the persona was that there had to be an earlier version of what would later be called Privateering during Henry's reign because of his love of military conquest.

Milesenda: 15th century French (border of Burgundy and France). The daughter of a minor noble who married an Englishman after the last vestiges of the 100 years war. Following in the footsteps of woman artists and writers like Christine de Pizan, Milesenda contributes her artistic talents to her and her lords estate.

SCA Interests
James: Fencing, poetry, Heraldry, Service, Bardic, Period Rapier texts, Period Sailing, Period arms, armor, firearms, etc,

Milesenda: Illumination, calligraphy, embroidery, bead making, bardic

Mundane Interests
James: Same as above! Books, usable things, teaching, etc

Milesenda: Books of any sort, Muppets, Dr. Who, victoriana. I'm not a particular fan of non-usable things and prefer items to be purposeful and not just decorative.

James: Linen or cotton - Elizabethan tunics, doublets, venetian pantaloons, etc. I really dislike ruffs and pumpkin pants.

Milesenda: I prefer simpler clothing, typically kirtles, cottes, and - when more elaborate - a Burgundian style transitional houppeland or two. I have been known to period hop, however. Natural fibers are a must - linen, cotton, or silk.

James: I love relatively simple foods and can often be really happy with meat, cheese, and bread. Bacon, of course, is love. I cannot drink beer but love wine, scotch, and rum.

Milesenda: No food allergies. My favorites are fruit, chocolate, ginger, cheese and pretty much any dessert I've ever met. I drink mostly water during the day and when partaking of anything "stronger" prefer scotch, red wine, or mead.

James: My heraldry is Black, Gold, and White.
Milesenda: Purple and gold, though I also love jewel tones.

James: I am allergic to hops which is one of the reasons I cannot drink beer.

Milesenda: I tend to be allergic to most of nature and most chemical perfumes. Natural oils etc are find but please nothing with perfume alcohol carriers. Lighter scents are better.

James: I love anything with Heraldry that involves Heraldic Towers (my arms) or Heraldic Sea Lions (my badge).

Milesenda: I love heraldry - anything with my heraldry or phoenixes makes me gleeful. Period presence items are great too.