Office of the Arts & Sciences Minister

Good day!

Friendly Art Sci Reminder:

Jan Art Sci is just around the corner. Be sure to pre-register or else bring your assessment forms in triplicate. 

"Comment only" forms wil be available to any who forget to print their judging forms after the deadline, so you may still gain feedback on all your hard work. If you miss the deadline and have to print your own, remember you will need three. Reach out to if you need help knowing which to print out. 

More information here. 


Office of the Marshall

Tonight's fighter practice has been cancelled due to weather.


General announcements

Greetings, Trimaris!

At Martinmass Moot this weekend, there will be a $5 per person fundraiser lunch being served by my wonderful Lady Mistress Marie and myself; we'll be serving sausages! 

Specifically, you will have your choice of a German bratwurst, mild Italian, or chicken & apple sausage, along with condiments, a bag of chips, and a cookie or two 😃

This fundraiser lunch will benefit both the 

~Gulf Wars Rapier Scholarship~ and the 

~SCA Computer Recycling Program~ 

I thank you all for supporting both of these ventures for the past 8 and 9 years, respectively!


General announcements

Oyez! Oyez! Oyez! Fighters! Marshalls! Come and join a melee class at Crown Lyst/ MMM on Saturday around 3pm. Depending on the availability of the Lyst field. Sir Almeric (Travis J Harvey) and Earl Seosaidh Blacksword will be hosting the melee class to introduce war melee and to help marshals know how to train for melee in their own practices. All are welcome!

Office of the Arts & Sciences Minister

Hallo Darkwater!

I'm here to remind you of some things!

Reach out to if you ever have anything art sci related that you have questions on.

There's an art sci expo at Crown at Camp Challenge this weekend! Show off your work, get advice, set up a display of others works! Please; if you're not aware of what time it starts or how it works, ask questions!

Winter Art Sci fast approaches. Use this opportunity to test your progress. (And.... WINTER ART SCI 😵😵😵 is coming. Anybody doing anything?)

The dooms day / year end Art Sci report is coming! I will send it at least 48 hours, but hopefully days before the deadline. 

Please send anything to If you post it on Facebook, I will (politely!) ask that you also send an email. You have roughly 18 days.

Thanks for your attention! Have fun wither you be at Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Demo SETUP , Camp Challenge, Camelot Days, or somewhere else 🧡


Art Sci Minister

General announcements

Martinmas Moot will have entertainment for a half hour before court! Come early, get a good seat, and enjoy the performances!


Their Excellencies of Darkwater


Office of the Herald

Unto the Populace of Darkwater!

Have you ever been to court at a Baronial Event and seen the herald standing behind the Baron and Baroness, mangling names while trying to decipher calligraphy and thought, “I could do that so much better than that guy!”


I will be stepping down as the Baronial Herald at Trident Tourney 2025, so I am beginning the search for a Deputy. If you are interested in being involved in court business, speaking for their excellencies, helping our new (and sometimes even older) members with their names and device submissions, and all other heraldically-related matters, please email me your SCA resume at


Their Majesties of Trimaris

Harken unto the words of your King, Trimaris, for We now summon into Our presence certain individuals, to face the Crown's Justice!*

At our Royal court, the evening of Friday, November the 10th, we command the following to present themselves:

Catriona O'Cathasaigh

Arnora Jorundardottir

Auða I Heiðabýr

Ottilde Akkermann

Konrad Einholt

Beatrice Whitecombe

Should you be unable to attend, please contact our wonderful chamberlain Paigan Crawford, and other arrangements shall be made.

*Spoilers, to alleviate anxiety: it is all going to be good things 🙂

FURTHER!  Following the conclusion of Our Crown Lyst, wherein we shall select our Heirs to secure the Royal line, your King next commands the presence of His finest** to cross blades with him in Cut and Thrust.

**anyone authorized C&T who would enjoy doing some pickups with me

Her Majesty and I are, shall we say, *Royally* excited for the upcoming Crown, and greatly look forward to seeing you all there.  Have a wonderful week!

Dietrich, King.


Their Majesties of Trimaris

Good evening everyone,

His Majesty and I are looking forward to several exciting events, and hope you are too!

For our fighters, this weekend is Duke U. It is a full day of fighting workshops, pickups, and socializing featuring a special class taught by Duke Boru. Come enhance your prowess and enjoy the fall weather. Facebook Event Link 

Lady of the Lakes Renaissance festival is running for the next several weekends and the SCA is offering demos. We are still looking for artisans, fighters, and people good at extroverting to represent us. Comment below for more info.

Martinmass Moot is right around the corner. This is one of the biggest events of the year where we choose our heirs through exciting sport combat. Come enjoy the pageantry and ferocity of the competition. In addition to the tournament, we’ll have a full schedule of arts and performance exhibitions, rapier fighting, and heavy fighting. Event Link 

We are organizing performers of all sorts to provide pre-court entertainment for the event. If you are interested, ask to join this group Trimaris Pre-court Entertainment

We will be providing a Populace Hospitality Pavilion at the event. We are looking for volunteers to help make fancy coffee and spritzer and talk to people or provide snacks in advance. Reach out to Melissa Karels if interested.

The evening parties are not to be missed! His Majesty and I will be fire dancing, the Moose Tavern will be serving responsibly, Sir Brakkos will be holding a feast, and the bards will be entertaining.

If you have need of Trimaris QR cards to give out at practices, demos, or other public facing events, see Kris Brock at the event (or go to the hospitality pavilion).

Queen Anaya


Office of the Chronicler

The Fall 2023 Baronial newsletter is now available! Please click here to view.


Their Majesties of Trimaris

Take Heart, Oh Trimaris, in knowing that Her Majesty and I remain in the finest of health, and yet, even so, the time has come to choose our Heirs, to secure the Royal Lineage should ill befall us.

Know ye now, that 12 sets of noble contestants vie for the Throne of the 3 Seas of Power!  It is our Royal pleasure to publish this list now, for you to view.  In no particular order, here are your Contestants for the Crown!

1) Sir Almeric and Lady Avellina

2) Sir Logan and Baroness Aurelia

3) Lord Domenico de Carono and Comitessa Marcia Dulcitia

4) Honorable Lord Albrecht Hartweck of Ansfelden and Baroness Tatiana Heinemann

5) Lord Amicus Amici and Fiametta

6) Sir Iohannis and Lady Meade

7) Honorable Lord Hálfdan and Honorable Lady Serafina

8) Duke Kurn and Duchess Masie

9) Baron Cormacc and Lady Salaria

10) Mistress Kahlan and Duchess Grainne

11)  Sir Fernando and Ramette

12) Sir Johan Craft and Maestra Vivienne

Her Majesty and I are well pleased with this lyst, and look forward to seeing our Populace for a day of competition, court pomp and circumstance (perhaps with some surprises to be had!), revelry, feasting, Fire Dancing, and other such merriments as shall be devised hereafter!

Until then, 

Dietrich, King 

Anaya, Queen


General announcements

Martinmass Moot Feast

The feast menu for Martinmass Moot (11/10 - 11/12) has been posted. Please click here to view.

Masque and Poet Laureate Competition at Fall Crown!

Unto our Kingdom's performers!! ❤ 

If you love to perform in any format that is not an original composition Masque), or you're a spoke-word poet, and you know it (Original Spoken Poetry, written and performed by the author), this competition is for you! 

Roses are Red,

Trimaris is Blue,

Come share your art-

with those who already, irrefutably, immeasurably, and most assuredly already love you - and all your hard work. 

Come Enter the Poet and Masque Laureate Competitions at Fall Crown Tourney. See the event schedule for time. See the Art Sci portion of our website for rules, or ping/email me today to learn more. 

May the Muse be with you!


Their Majesties of Trimaris

We seek entertainers to amuse our populace at Martinmass Moot (Crown Tournament) November 10th-12th. We are looking for dancers, singers, musicians, magicians, or something surprising! Anything goes as long as it is entertaining and family friendly. 

We will have two half hour time slots to schedule, one on Friday night and one on Saturday evening. Your act can be 5-15 minutes. We will have a speaker system available for use. This will be pre-court entertainment during court business.

Apply by Facebook messaging me (Juniper May Hunter) and our stage manager Elizabeth Faulcon or by emailing Include when you are available (Friday, Saturday, or both), how long your act will be (5, 10, or 15 minutes), and any details about your act.


General announcements

Save the dates! Trident Tourney 2024 - Torches of Darkwater (2/2/2024 - 2/4/2024)

As the frosty nights persist we gather to mark the halfway point through winter's darkness. It's a time of shared warmth, camaraderie, and friendly competition. Join us for Trident Tourney 2024 - Torches of Darkwater. More information can be found here. 

Volunteers needed!
Next weekend, 10/28 and 10/29, the Barony of Darkwater will begin setup for the Lady of the Lakes Renaissance Faire demonstration encampment. If you'd like to volunteer to assist with the setup or on the demonstration days, please sign up here.


Arts & Sciences Officer

Attention history buffs, artisans, and crafters! Have a skill from the Middle Ages that you're dying to share? We're on the hunt for passionate individuals to teach Thursday night classes. Whether it's calligraphy, brewing, costuming, or any other historical craft, your expertise is needed! No teaching experience required; just bring your enthusiasm and knowledge. Let's keep the spirit of the past alive! Interested? Click here to sign up and inspire others with your craft. Let the learning begin! 


Office of the Marshall

Despite the relatively ugly sky, the rain has held out and may continue to do so, giving us some time to play. Practice is ON.

Office of the Marshall

Hello, everyone! The weather for all of Trimaris is going to be reportedly wet and terrible, starting around 2pm and then throughout the night and tomorrow. I will keep an eye on the reports and give everyone definite go/no go at 6pm for fighter practice tonight at Redbug. As usual, I will announce it on the darkwater fighters page on Facebook and in the darkwater fighters channel on Discord. With any luck, this will be the last inclement weather we'll see this fall. Stay safe, my friends!

Fighter's Facebook Page

Fighter's Discord


Office of the Herald

Unto the Populace of Darkwater!

Have you ever been to court at a Baronial Event and seen the herald standing behind the Baron and Baroness, mangling names while trying to decipher calligraphy and thought, “I could do that so much better than that guy!”


I will be stepping down as the Baronial Herald at Trident Tourney 2025, so I am beginning the search for a Deputy. If you are interested in being involved in court business, speaking for their excellencies, helping our new (and sometimes even older) members with their names and device submissions, and all other heraldically-related matters, please email me your SCA resume at


General announcements

The Darkwater Scribal meeting scheduled for tomorrow, 10/8, has been cancelled.


Office of the Chatelaine

We need helpers in the kitchen

Authorized fighters

Authorized marshals


Sign up here to be put on the entry list for the faire.


General announcements

Housekeeping Reminder for anyone looking to enter in Kingdom Art Sci Faire in January. Please ensure you have a response from the KMOAS confirming you are preregistered (in case there is any tech/form mishap). Please feel free to reach out to your local MOAS or Kingdom Minister of Arts and Sciences for more on how to prepare for Kingdom Art Sci.

Click here for the form


Arts & Sciences Officer


There's a very good chance that some number of us brought home a cold or bug from Village Flair.

In an excess of caution we're going to move our live meeting at Joann's to an online meeting:

To join the video meeting, click this link:

Otherwise, to join by phone, dial +1 575-567-3266 and enter this PIN: 866 578 872#

To view more phone numbers, click this link:


Their Majesties of Trimaris

Wise are the Monarchs who take steps to ensure the future of the glorious Kingdom! Know ye, Trimaris, that though Her Majesty Anaya and I be possessed of fantastic health and vigor, nonetheless, We now seek Heirs, to secure the Royal Line of Trimaris!

All those who wish to vie for the Crown shall submit written Letters of Intent to Us, no later than Close of Business 10/20/2023. Such letters shall be sent via Email to and to Our Seneschal,

The tournament itself shall be a Double Elimination, with the top of the Winner’s Bracket facing the top of the Loser’s Bracket in the semi-finals. The Winner’s bracket semi finalist need but win once to advance, while the Loser’s Bracket semifinalist must win twice.

Should you advance to the finals, know that your prowess shall be tested with more than just your chosen weapon form. The first round of the finals shall be fought with Longswords, a weapon style near and dear to your King. The second round shall be fought with Sword and Shield. The third round shall be fought with Polearms. The fourth round, should it be needed to determine a best out of five victor, shall be fought with Dual Weapons. Should the contest come to a fifth round, in this fifth and final round, the combatants shall each bring their best weapon form.

Each prospective competitor and consort must meet the Royal Lists entry requirements as set forth in the Organizational Handbook, and be willing and able to fulfill the duties of the Crown. No additional requirements to compete in Our Crown shall be imposed, beyond those so specified by Society or Kingdom law.

Queen Anaya and I look forward to receiving your letters of intent, and to a magnificent Crown Tournament!

Until such time, in God’s own greeting may you go, in peace and fellowship!

Dietrich, Rex


General announcements


Office of the Webminister


General announcements

Village Flair is approaching and that means it is time to start preparing for the Largesse Derby! Help your Barony by competing in this fun competition that gives our Baron and Baroness largesse that will help them with gifts, thank yous, and more!! Please email me with any questions at

Yours in Service,

Lady Ursula Blackpoole


Arts & Sciences Officer

Greetings from your recently warranted Arts and Sciences officer. I have knowledge of 3 entries for Village Flairs regional arts and sciences judging. If you plan to be at Village Flair with your arts and sciences project, you could help a newbie out and give me a heads up. Thank you! Please feel free to email anytime.



Office of the Chatelaine

If you would like to volunteer for one of the times above, please contact Lady Enid Hunter at