Their Majesties of Trimaris

Wise are the Monarchs who take steps to ensure the future of the glorious Kingdom! Know ye, Trimaris, that though Her Majesty Anaya and I be possessed of fantastic health and vigor, nonetheless, We now seek Heirs, to secure the Royal Line of Trimaris!

All those who wish to vie for the Crown shall submit written Letters of Intent to Us, no later than Close of Business 10/20/2023. Such letters shall be sent via Email to and to Our Seneschal,

The tournament itself shall be a Double Elimination, with the top of the Winner’s Bracket facing the top of the Loser’s Bracket in the semi-finals. The Winner’s bracket semi finalist need but win once to advance, while the Loser’s Bracket semifinalist must win twice.

Should you advance to the finals, know that your prowess shall be tested with more than just your chosen weapon form. The first round of the finals shall be fought with Longswords, a weapon style near and dear to your King. The second round shall be fought with Sword and Shield. The third round shall be fought with Polearms. The fourth round, should it be needed to determine a best out of five victor, shall be fought with Dual Weapons. Should the contest come to a fifth round, in this fifth and final round, the combatants shall each bring their best weapon form.

Each prospective competitor and consort must meet the Royal Lists entry requirements as set forth in the Organizational Handbook, and be willing and able to fulfill the duties of the Crown. No additional requirements to compete in Our Crown shall be imposed, beyond those so specified by Society or Kingdom law.

Queen Anaya and I look forward to receiving your letters of intent, and to a magnificent Crown Tournament!

Until such time, in God’s own greeting may you go, in peace and fellowship!

Dietrich, Rex


General announcements


Office of the Webminister


General announcements

Village Flair is approaching and that means it is time to start preparing for the Largesse Derby! Help your Barony by competing in this fun competition that gives our Baron and Baroness largesse that will help them with gifts, thank yous, and more!! Please email me with any questions at

Yours in Service,

Lady Ursula Blackpoole


Arts & Sciences Officer

Greetings from your recently warranted Arts and Sciences officer. I have knowledge of 3 entries for Village Flairs regional arts and sciences judging. If you plan to be at Village Flair with your arts and sciences project, you could help a newbie out and give me a heads up. Thank you! Please feel free to email anytime.



Office of the Chatelaine

If you would like to volunteer for one of the times above, please contact Lady Enid Hunter at