Office of the Seneschal

The Seneschal is the legal representative of their group. They are responsible for the administration of their group, including but not limited to:

  • Making sure the group (and all members thereof) are following Kingdom Law and Corpora
  • Scheduling meetings and events
  • Performing all necessary administrative tasks
  • Acting as a liaison between the modern world and the SCA

The Seneschal also oversees the offices of the Constable and the Minister of Children.

HL David Archer
David Hofmann
3859 Wind Dancer Circle
Saint Cloud, FL 34772

Deputy Seneschal:
HL Calpurnia Fortunata
mka JP Holcomb

Deputy Seneschal:
HL Hexitilda Marshall
mka Kimberly Calvin

Drop Dead Deputy Seneschal:
HL Taran Saraev
mka Charles Hill

Minister of Youth:
Please contact the Seneschal for more information -

Lord Cu Meda O Siodhacain
mka Manny Hernandez
786-543-4117 (text only)

Deputy Constable:
Lord Kylan Hundr
Keith Heffelfinger

Booking the Community Room
If you wish to request the Community Room for a workshop, workday, or class that will be listed on the Barony of Darkwater calendar, please email the Seneschal at with the date and time you are wishing to reserve. Unfortunately, there are no guarantees for dates requested, but a concerted effort will be made to accommodate requests.

Barony of Darkwater Event Bid Form
Barony of Darkwater Event Planning Guide

Office of the Minister of Youth
Minor Waiver for Trimaris Events - Please remember to have this notarized!