Award Recommendation Form

This form is used to recommend someone for an award within the Barony of Darkwater.
Please note that this recommendation is for Baronial awards only, not Kingdom awards. Please visit the Kingdom website to recommend someone for a non-Darkwater award.

Recommending Author
Information about the person writing the recommendation letter: (This is you!)
Award Recommendation
This is your opportunity to explain to the Baron & Baroness why your nominee is worthy of the award that you are recommending. While the Baron & Baroness may indeed be aware of this person's merit, you should proceed as if they are not. Give details and facts as you know them to be true, including but not limited to offices they have held, jobs they have done, services they have performed, etc. A two line sentence here (such as "I like this person. Please give them this award.") does a disservice both to you and your nominee.