What is a Knight's Marshal?

The Knight’s Marshal is responsible for martial activities in the Barony, including armored combat in tournaments, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, and equestrian activities. The Knight’s Marshal is also responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities within the group, and other related activities such as:

  • Encouraging the development of safety, chivalry and authenticity upon the field

  • The enforcement of standards for construction and use of all weapons and armor

Knight’s Marshal:

Don Agustin De Leon

mka Sergio Roca


HL Iohannis Mac Suibhne

mka Ian Hobbs

Sargent Tahmineh Ctesiphoni

mka Carolina Diaz

Rapier Marshal:

Alysoun Jeuneterre

mka Vicky Eisenstadt

407-448-9833 (Text Preferred)

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