The Barony of Darkwater has several active guilds. They meet and have classes both at the weekly Barony meetings, and independently. Anyone is welcome to join and participate in any of the guilds. Simply contact the guild leader or designated representative for the guild you are interested in.

Brewing Guild

The brewing guild is for those who are interested in learning about and creating period meads, ales, wines, cordials, and liqueurs.

Guild Leader

Mistress Catherine Abernethy

mka Cathy Ferrar

Fiber Arts Guild

The fiber arts guild encompasses all things related to string and fiber, such as weaving, embroidery, knitting, and spinning.

Guild Leader

Mistress Ilene Johnnestoune

mka Samantha Steff

Facebook: Darkwater Fiber Arts Guild

Glass Workers Guild

The glass workers guild encompasses all things related to the creation of glass beads or glass art, glass blowing, glass enameling, glass etching.

Guild Leader

Baroness Thyri Bersi

mka Melissa Karels

Scribal Guild

It is the purpose of the guild to promote and encourage interest in these arts through demonstrations, classes, workdays, field trips, and any other SCA-appropriate means.

Guild Leader

Elizabet Meyrick

mka Donavyn Retzlaff

Guild Charter