Award Recommendations

Darkwater Awards

The Barony of Darkwater has four awards in which the Baron and Baroness can show their gratitude, and recognize the hard work performed in service to the Barony. If you know of someone deserving of an award, please let them know.

  • Darkwater Defender: for promise in the Martial Arts in service to the Barony of Darkwater.

  • Acorn’s Glade: for promise in the arts or sciences to the Barony of Darkwater.

  • League of the Hidden Treasure: for bestowed for service to the Barony of Darkwater.

  • Trident Keype: for premiere service award of the Barony of Darkwater.

Submitting Your Recommendation

Click here to open the award recommendation form, or if you would like to email the Baron and Baroness directly. Copy and paste in the following section into your favorite email program, fill out the requested information, and email your recommendation to the coronets. Either way, if they have further questions, they will reach out to you for further information, if needed.

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