Office of the Chronicler

The Chronicler is responsible for documenting the activities of their group. Their main duty is to create and publish the group's newsletter.

The Chronicler also oversees the offices of the Historian, Librarian, and Webminister.

HL Calpurnia Fortunata
mka JP Holcomb
(321) 438-6705

Permission to use Original Work
Spotlight on Darkwater
Spotlight on Peers

The Revelry
Current and past copies of The Revelry are uploaded to Darkwater's Yahoo group. They are in the files section, in the folder marked "Revelry and Forms".
Deadlines: Submissions to The Revelry are due by the 25th of the month for the following month. (For example, for the March issue, the deadline is February 25th.) If you have a submission but will be late turning it in, please contact the Chronicler immediately to make sure they will still be able to take it.

Office of the Librarian
Librarian - Book Check Out Request Form
Office of the Historian