Arts & Sciences Competition Support Group

This group is to assist those who are interested in learning about and entering our art/sci competitions. We provide a step-by-step, start to finish class series, which will take those who wish for the assistance, from beginning to end of the process. For the next class series, see the list of classes below. Don’t worry, if you can’t make them all, come when you can! You DO NOT have to participate in the class series to enter the competition. This class series is just a tool to help teach about the competition.

Art/Sci or the Arts and Science Competition, is an academic, adjudicated fair that allows members of the populace to display their academic and artistic studies of the SCA period. This is typically happens twice a year. OK, what that really means…. If you are interested in anything that happened pre-1600, you can research it and then try to recreate it and enter your findings in a competition that the SCA holds two times a year. There are four levels of judging within the competition:

The main purpose of the Art/Sci competition is very basic and can be easily summarized.

1. Find an aspect of the SCA period you enjoy or want to learn more about.
2. Study that subject. You should study EVERY inch of the subject
3. Re-create the subject.
4. Display your research and your finished subject
5. Teach others so they too may learn.

The competition is an organized, non-biased way to judge the entrants on how well they accomplished these goals. By learning the general goals, then breaking them down into more specific steps art/sci becomes less of an overwhelming chore and should become an enjoyable, educational experience.

Levels of Entry

Novice: Beginner - 40-point maximum
This is the starting point. A fill in the blank form is available with a minimum amount of documentation needed. Many novices enter projects they learned at SCA classes. Novices are entrants who are new to Art/Sci Faires, new to the art or craft they are entering, or both. Novice entries are designed to allow entrants to learn about the process of entering Art/Sci and to learn about their art/craft by receiving advice and constructive commentary.
Journeyman: Intermediate - 60-point maximum
Journeymen are entrants who are more experienced in their art or craft than they are at doing research and writing documentation, or they are more experienced at researching and writing documentation than they are at the art or craft they are entering. This is the step to begin including in-depth sources along with descriptions of the process and period materials and methods.
Artificer: Advanced - 80-point maximum
Artificers are entrants who are experienced in both their art/craft and in the art of research and documentation, and have approximately equal skill in both areas. Documentation and explanations are held to a higher standard and should be complete in the whole process. Should strive for “close to as it was done in period”, with only needed and calculated substitutions. Ideally entrants at this level will also be experienced in the process of entering Art/Sci. Artificer entries are designed to test the skill and knowledge of the entrants while provided detail oriented advice, feedback and constructive commentary.
Masterworks: Expert - 100-point maximum
Masterwork entrants are artisans who are very experienced and skilled in both their art/craft and in the art of research and documentation, and have equal skill in both areas. A complete and thorough list of sources and steps are necessary to provide a fully documented project. Should strive for “exactly as if was done in period”. Entrants at this level should also be very experienced in the process of entering Art/Sci. Masterwork entries are designed to be a real test the skill and knowledge of the entrants. Advice, feedback and constructive commentary will be highly detailed and specific.