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The Knight's Marshal is responsible for martial activities in the Barony, including armored combat in tournaments, rapier combat, siege weapons, combat archery, target archery, and equestrian activities. The Knight's Marshal is also responsible for overseeing the conduct of all martial arts activities within the group, and other related activities such as:
  • Encouraging the development of safety, chivalry and authenticity upon the field
  • The enforcement of standards for construction and use of all weapons and armor
Knight's Marshal:
HL Hywel ap Wyn
mka Ian Hobbs


Sargent Tahmineh Ctesiphoni
mka Carolina Diaz

Youth Marshal:

Position Open: Please contact the Knight's Marshal ( or Baronial Seneschal (

Rapier Marshal:
Lucan Reynes
mka Todd Phelps


Doña Miriam d'Hawke
mka Hawke

Archery Ranger:
HL Toki Inn Eldri Bassi
mka Joseph Karels
(407) 492-4904


Gravin Eva van Oudeachterkol
mka Victoria Bone

Thrown Weapons Deputy:

Position Open: Please contact the Knight's Marshal ( or Baronial Seneschal (

Fighter Practices
SCA Fighter Practices and Martial Activities for the group are canceled until further notice. Once the go-ahead to resume such activities is given by the SCA leadership, the group will decide on the location, day, and time of any fighter practices to be scheduled and that information will be announced here and through the usual avenues of communication for the local branch.

For more information about the dates and times, please see the calendar page.

New Fighter Authorization Form (Trimaris 2010)
SCA Combat Waiver
The Authorization & Combat Waiver forms should be filled out and printed together.
Anyone authorizing for SCA combat needs to fill out and print three (3) copies of the Authorization Form and Combat Waiver Form prior to attending the event in which they wish to authorize at. One set of copies will go to the office of the Deputy Earl Marshal for Authorization Paperwork, the second set of copies will go to the office of the Baronial Knight Marshal, and the last set will stay with the fighter as proof of authorization until they recieve their Authorization Card. The mailing of all paperwork is the responsibility of the Authorizing Fighter and sent paperwork should be followed up to ensure receipt.

Deputy Earl Marshall for Authorization Paperwork
Countess Brenna Jerabek
Liz Conant
5524 Queenswood Drive
Orlando, FL 32810

Kingdom Offices

Kingdom Of Trimaris Earl Marshal Website

Marshal's Kingdom Reporting Form 

Handbooks & Rules

Marshal Handbook

Youth Combat Handbook

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