Scribal Arts

Welcome to the wonderful world of scribal arts. Here is some basic information to get you started in this fun and exciting aspect of the SCA!

Scribal Day!

The Barony of Darkwater currently holds day-long workshops every month, in the regular meeting room at Fashion Square Mall, from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm. .

Materials to get started

All supplies are available at Michael’s Arts and Crafts, Joanne’s and other craft stores
9 X 12 Strathmore Bristol Board paper- vellum type (yellow cover)
Mechanical pencil
Black ink liner pen – I use Pigma micron pens
Reeves Gouache paint
Paint brushes
Water/cup for adding water and cleaning
Paper towels

Scroll Preferences

Basic media: Gouache and Acid Free Archival Ink on 9x12 Bristol Vellum

It is appropriate for the complexity of Baronial scrolls to be at least a reasonably complex historiated capital and/or a 1-sided design, be it top, bottom, or sides. The exception to this rule is the Trident's Keype, which shoud be a 2 sided scroll or a very ornate 1 sided scroll because it is often an AOA.

Complexity can be increased easily with pen work or white work, or shading.

If you are turning in scrolls that are drawings or illuminations, but not calligraphed, then please leave the circle or space for the badge blank, so that we can use the scrolls for the awards that we have need of.

Calligraphers, please leave an entire line blank for the recipient's name, their Excellencies' name, and the date. Please also do not add "Baron" and "Baroness" to the bottom, as some coronets have cultural preferences for their titles.

Award wordings can be found on the Baronial Award Verbiage page.


Lady Ursula Blackpool
mka Carmen Heffelfinger

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