Preforming Arts

Welcome to the Performing Arts Guild of Darkwater!

The Performing Arts Guild of Darkwater (“PAGOD”) is a guild committed to furthering the bardic arts, including storytelling, plays, stories, poetry, vocal music and instrumental music.
Original, filk, and period pieces may be explored.
The focus of the guild is on education and creation, while sharing our knowledge with others.
Any performances should be as historically accurate as possible.
Members are encouraged to focus on works which enhance the reputation of Darkwater.

There are several troupes in the guild: the Darkwater Bards, the Darkwater Chorale, the Darkwater Musicians, the Darkwater Historians, and Darkwater Players.
Each troupe has its own leader, and together, we all create the whole that is the sum of the artistry of Darkwater.

Please see the bottom of the Art-Sci page for scheduled music and dance practices.
Guild Leader
Meisterin Adelheid Leinwater
mka Cyndi Maners
(407) 341-8659

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