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Feast Menu

Travelers fare:

                Japanese beef stew with root vegetables (GF)

                Root Vegetable stew (Vegan)



                Scrambled Eggs

                Sauteed mushrooms and green onions for topping





                Buns and condiments


                (Vegan and gluten free options available upon pre event request)*


Japanese New Year's Feast:


                Starters on the table:

                                Assorted tsukemono (japanese pickles) (GF/V)

                1st course:                

                                Miso yaki onigiri (miso glazed grilled rice balls) (GF/V)

                                Kuromame (Sweet Black Soybeans) (GF/V)

                2nd course:

                                Chikuzenni (chicken and vegetables simmered in a flavorful broth (GF)**

Kenchinjiru (GF/V) (vegan only option available upon pre event request) 

                3rd course:

                                Pork katsudon ( fried pork cutlet with a flavorful onion and 

mushroom sauce topped with an egg)**


                                (Vegan and gluten free options available upon pre event request)*

                4th course:

                                Fresh asian fruit including melon (dependent upon availability)

                                Assortment of japanese candies and confections 

        *Gluten free  and vegan only options available only upon pre event request!

**made with dashi broth, dashi is made with bonito fish, it does not have a fishy flavor but if you are allergic to fish you may want to steer clear. Vegan option does not have dashi.

***Menu subject to change due to availability and site constraints  

To request vegan or gluten free options or any other dietary concerns please email the feast steward at