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Trident Shogatsu

Hosted by the Barony of Darkwater January 24th-26th, 2020
Site opens 4 pm Friday and closes 10 am Sunday

Event Activities:
Trident Tournament 
Baroness’s Blade Rapier Lyst Archery
Thrown Weapons
Bard of Darkwater 
Youth Champion of Darkwater Classes

Event Staff
Event Steward 
Lord Hanzo Makoto 
MKA: Manny Hernandez 

Feast Steward
Lady Abigail Lillian d’Arcy 
MKA: Bethany Shaffer 
Feast Saturday’s banquet will be a selection of traditional Japanese delicacies. Please contact the feast stewards with any dietary concerns so that they may be accommodated

Reservations Steward
Baronessa Calpurnia Fortunata
MKA: JP Holcomb 

Daytrip: $20
One Night: $25 
Two Nights: $30 
Membership Discount: 
$5 Cabin Fee: $5 Feast: $10
Epay opens December 10th, 2019 and closes January 20th, 2020

No family will be charged more than three adult fees.
It is Barony of Darkwater policy that Children 17 and under are free (this applies to site fees only).
Make checks payable to "SCA - Barony of Darkwater" and include driver's license number, length of stay, cabin or tent, feast if desired, and copy of SCA membership if applicable.
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