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Gathering at the Tavern

Hosted by the Seminole County SCA Group & Darkwater

To Be Resheduled

Camp Kiwanis

19300 SE 3rd St, Silver Springs, FL34488

Site opens at 4pm Friday and closes at 10am Sunday

Stop in at the Bloody Bells Tavern and rest your feet!  Come socialize with other travelers.  Grab a bite to eat and sample our meads and wines.  Play some games and try your luck.  If you are a bard, please perform for us.  Interested in opening your very own tavern, then take a class and learn how to make your own beverages.  Looking to unload some of your wares, then trade with others for more useful items.  But watch out, a band of children have been known to “steal” from unsuspecting customers.

SCA: Mistress Catherine Abernethy

MKA: Cathy Ferrar

PHONE: 407-353-0212


SCA: Margarita di Rossi 

MKA: Rita Miller

PHONE: 321-527-1560


ADDRESS: 3300 Pineridge Cir, Kissimmee, FL 34746

Daytrip :  $20

One Night:  $25

Two Nights:  $30

Membership Discount:  $5

Cabin Fee:  $5

Feast:  $10

SCA: Lord Lione da la Rochelle

MKA: Leo Ferrar

PHONE: 407-451-3795


Please contact the Head Chef with any dietary concerns.


No family is charged more than 3 adult fares.

It is Barony of Darkwater’s policy that Children 17 and under are free (this applies to site fess only).

Make checks payable to SCA – Barony of Darkwater and include driver’s license number, length of stay, feast if desired, and copy of SCA membership if applicable.